How to Protect Your Website From Negative SEO Tactics

Over the past years, Google has done many major changes across the internet. With that being said, there has been many internet gurus out there that have really gained drastic amount of knowledge on how to do “negative SEO” against others. Ranking on Google is not as easy as it used to be years ago and many have gone to black hat SEO tactics to gain ranks online. So there is a new type of SEO that emerged, this is called “negative SEO.”

This is guide to really break down and fully understand what that negative seo is and give you an idea how to protect yourself from becoming a victim. So, if you are serious about building a brand online and keeping it safe, I would listen up and get a pen and paper handy.

What is negative SEO?

This refers to practice that is using a black hate and unethical technique to take out your competitors ranking in Google search ranks. It can happen in many different ways:

  • Hacking your website
  • Copping your content and placing all over the internet
  • Pointing many bad links to your website using the keywords such as ( Viagra, poker online, ect..)
  • Removing all your good backlinks from your website
  • Making fake profiles and running your online reputation

Is negative SEO a real threat?

Without a doubt is is a real threat. Negative SEO is real and can effects many business online today. There are many great SEO companies out there and picking an seo company in long island is a good to help manage your online presence.

So how is doing this?

If you go onto a site called Fiverr, you will see “negative seo” offered as service for only five dollars! With that being said, there are thousands of people willing to do the work. Also, going to black hat forums, you can read many stories of the same topic and real world cases.

How do you prevent negative SEO attacks then?

  1. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have a Google Webmaster Tools Email Alert setup on your website.

Google can send you alerts when the following happen:

  • You website is being attacked by malware or suspicious activity
  • You have server issues
  • You get a manual penalty from Google
  • You pages are not indexed correctly
  1. Keep update to date and track all of your website back links.

When you start doing this you can see if there is any abnormal activity happening to your website. There are a few good places to start, one that works well is It is one of the best tools that send you email alerts when your website had any back link updates.

This is great because instead of manually checking your links every day you can have a system send it to your email, easy to read and know what is going on.


Website secure and search engine impression are super important and most be taken very seriously for any business owner.









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